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Catalog Solutions, Inc. is a commissioned sales rep agency that specializes in the matching of products with mail order catalogs.

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Growing Catalog Industry

The catalog industry and mail order business is rapidly growing and has become an important target for many innovative marketers!

We are always looking for new products!

Catalog Solutions, Inc. has been offering new product placement services for more than two decades with industry reach exceeding over 300 active catalogers.

27 Years of Catalog Marketing Experience

We continuously update our list of over 3200 active mail order catalogs and over the past 27 years, we have developed a special working relationship with over 450 of the

We will work with you!

We will work with you to develop winning direct response marketing ad copy, help you determine price points, customize photography, and prepare special product mailings.

Press Recognition

We have a mail order catalog solution for you!

We have a mail order catalog solution for you as well!

Before approaching any catalog solution or marketing firm, you need to double check your decision. What are the factors that make up crucial decisions which can make or break your future? We think testimonials and recognition by popular trade magazines are enough. Read on to see what industry gurus are saying about a specialized catalog solution provided by us?

Trade Magazines that Recognized our Catalog Solution Plans

For the fifth consecutive year, ERA hosted a product review panel to qualify products for its 2006 Invention Showcase to be held September 10-12 in Las Vegas. The panel was comprised of six ERA members representing all segments of the multichannel marketing and direct response industry, from catalog to DRTV to Internet to call centers. Industry experts included: Collette Liantonio, president, Concepts TV Productions Inc.; Karen Hyman, president, Live Link TV; Bridget Corish, director of business development, Livemercial Inc.; Tami Cubel, vice president of client development, InPulse Response Group; Wendi Cooper, CEO, C Spot Run Productions, LLC; and Curtis Clarke, vice president of Catalog Solutions Inc. Each panelist brought a unique perspective to the panel and represented years of direct response knowledge and experience.
(Response Magazine August 2006)

Catalog Solution and Response Magazine

The Response Magazine which is a leading source of direct response marketing news has regularly published and recognized catalog solution's direct response marketing achievements. Below are some of the extracts:

Curtis Clarke, vice president of sales for Catalog Solutions in Westport, Conn., says, "Most DR companies think of the catalog business as back end. However, to work the catalog and print class of trade into their complete marketing proposal, they should start when the TV ads are going to be shot."
(Response Magazine, May 1, 2005)

Curtis Clarke, vice president of sales and marketing for Catalog Solutions Inc. in Westport, Conn., concurs, and says consolidation is rampant in the industry right now. "There was a big shakeup as the smaller players realized that they couldn't compete with the larger companies," says Clarke.
"They went for the clubs that would give them the most money," says Clarke.
"But in the long run, their customers didn't use the club or canceled it. These days, the smart marketers are spending more time ensuring that their customers use and benefit from the clubs, and are getting repeat customers as a result."
(Response Magazine, July 1, 2002)

"Catalog Solutions Inc., a Westport, CT firm that specializes in catalog marketing, has spent the past 20 years placing ASOTV products into this popular direct response medium. Catalogs "keep the legs of a product going," according to Curtis Clarke, VP of sales."
(Expand Your Reach with Mail Order Catalogs, Response Magazine, May, 2002)

"Catalog sales are not a back end form of marketing anymore, but rather a complement to TV advertising, says Curtis Clarke, Vice President of sales for Catalog Solutions, which places products in catalogs on a commission basis from a database of about 3,000 catalogs."
(Aftermarketing Spotlight, Response Magazine August 2000)

"We're finding that the vast majority of marketers still need to find a specialist to help them make the most out of their catalog sales," says Curtis Clarke, vice president of Catalog Solutions, a Westport, Conn.-based catalog product broker. "We try to get involved in the early stages of a campaign." Clarke suggests to clients that they have a still photographer on the video production set. He adds, "Response from the catalog ad increases when consumers recognize the talent from the TV campaign often times because they are wearing the same 'sweater'."
(Response Magazine, August, 1999)

"The Ab Roller Plus campaign of the DRTV company National Media Corp. was highly successful due to the retail efforts of Direct to Retail, Framingham, Mass: and catalog specialist Catalog Solutions, Westport, Conn."

Catalog Solution and Catalog Age

Catalog Age reported that:

"The As Seen on TV logo enables mailers to capitalize on the brand awareness generated from the television exposure" says Curtis Clarke, Sales Manager of Catalog Solutions."
(Update; TV products star in catalogs, Catalog Age, 1997)

Catalog Solution and DRTV News

DRTV News recognizes catalog solutions in these words:
"Companies are shepherding TV products into print catalogs that want to capitalize on the heavy TV exposure for winning products. One such company is Catalog Solutions Inc. in Westport, CT, which sells DRTV merchandise to such major catalogers as Fingerhut, Blair, Publishers Clearinghouse, Starcrest, Harriet Carter Gifts, Danmark and Miles Kimball.
(TV Marketers Also Succeed in Print Media, DRTV News, March 1997)

Catalog Solution and Response TV

Catalog Solutions' president, Jess F. Clarke, says, "In the early days of the products success, the catalog features served as pages of advertising to reinforce the TV campaign and supported lengthening the life of that campaign."
(Three-Pronged Attack, Response TV, 1997)

"Jess F. Clarke, president of Catalog Solutions, says that the overall breakdown of TV and related sales is 50 percent retail; 30 percent TV; 10 percent mail order and catalogs.
(The Tail Wagging The Dog, Response TV, 1997)

Catalog Solutions' Clarke, who specializes only in catalogs, says that catalogs can significantly extend the life of both the TV ad and the product after the TV ad has stopped.
(Catalog Opportunities, Response TV, 1997)

We are the oldest sales rep firm and we know what it takes to create a targeted catalog solution or marketing campaign for our valued customers.

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